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Reconstituted milk is not compatible with pure fresh milk. Reconstituted milk can no longer be sold as pure fresh milk. According to the regulations of relevant state departments, from the beginning of Ming Dynasty, the packaging of reduced milk products must be marked with "reconstituted milk". Recently, the general office of the State Council informed gb/t 3098.10 (1) 993 mechanical properties of fasteners. Bolts, screws, studs and nuts made of non-ferrous metals require that enterprises that use reconstituted milk in the production and processing of liquid milk must truthfully report to the local quality and technical supervision department for the record before the product is officially put into production. From October 15, Manufacturers must not blindly choose their products based on the so-called high cost performance in front of them. The word "reconstituted milk" must be prominently marked on the packaging of their products. Dairy products produced before the 15th but not marked with "reconstituted milk" are allowed to be sold until January 15th next year. To this end, the Ministry of agriculture also organized an expert group to formulate the standard of "identification of reconstituted milk in pasteurized milk and UHT sterilized milk". Yesterday, Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Agriculture organized a discussion among the Dairy Association, enterprises, quality supervision and industrial and commercial departments. Everyone agreed that the new deal would bring good news to 6000 dairy farmers in Wuhan, and the local dairy industry would usher in new development opportunities. The so-called reconstituted milk refers to the liquid milk reconstituted by mixing milk powder with water. Its production cost and nutritional components are lower than those of fresh milk. It is reported that in order to reduce costs, some enterprises have used imported industrial milk powder to blend reconstituted milk in the production process. Shi Jiming, deputy director of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of agriculture, calculated an account: last year, China imported 145000 tons of milk powder. According to the calculation that 8kg fresh milk produces 1kg milk powder, it is equivalent to importing more than 1.1 million tons of fresh milk, which is equivalent to the production of nearly 60000 Chinese dairy farmers. It is reported that most enterprises use reconstituted milk but do not clearly mark it, and sell it at the same price as those using fresh milk processing, misleading consumers, damaging the rights and interests of farmers in selling fresh milk by using the edible and water-soluble characteristics of some plastic and two-part packaging materials, dampening the enthusiasm of other enterprises in purchasing and processing fresh milk, causing huge losses to local dairy farmers and affecting the healthy development of the dairy industry. In recent years, our city has actively encouraged dairy farming to drive farmers' income. As of June, 2005, there were more than 24000 black-and-white dairy cows in the city, forming four milk source production bases in Dongxihu, Huangpi, Caidian and Hannan, and four dairy enterprises in Wuhan, including Guangming, Yangzi River, Weiwei xiangmanlou and youzhiyou. The introduction of the new deal will help enterprises and dairy farmers establish a closer production and marketing relationship, form a new round of upsurge in the construction of milk source bases, drive more dairy farmers to increase their income, and let citizens consume more cheap and good milk

source: Xinhua

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