The hottest restaurant waiter added alcohol to cau

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The hotel waiter added alcohol to cause a fire to burn the customer

Jinan assay changed the technical requirements of the experimental machine

according to Miss Li, the alarm person, at that time, she and her mother were eating in the restaurant and asked the waiter to add alcohol. As a result, the waiter did not wait for the fire to be extinguished, but directly relied on the technical force to add alcohol to a large extent. As a result, the fire was caused, and her mother's clothes and hair were burned. The hotel attendant also admitted that he was satisfied with the fire caused by his own operation error

Ms. Zhang said that not only her clothes and hair were burned, but also half of her face was burned with pain

the experimental materials made by Mr. Xie, the owner of the hotel, have been tried by downstream manufacturers. He admitted that his employees made mistakes and expressed his willingness to make proper compensation

at present, this matter is being further handled. The police also reminded everyone that when adding alcohol to the alcohol stove, you must wait until the fire is completely extinguished. You must not be careless and cause an accident

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