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Restricting public consumption affects the packaging industry

the domestic packaging industry has entered an era of low profits, said the relevant head of the China Packaging Industry Association. From the perspective of industry, in 2014, the packaging industry should pay more attention to the creativity of environmental protection, design and multi-function. For example, if the gift box of moon cake can be designed as a metal storage box, its popularity may exceed that of paper products that blindly emphasize luxury packaging

limit the consumption of three public services, and the government practices strict economy. The impact on various industries continues. In addition to the calendar and greeting card enterprises at the end of last year, due to the significant reduction in human exchanges of high-end gifts such as moon cakes, seafood gift bags and tonics, this year will also be very difficult for the packaging industry

affected the packaging industry

it is not only the production and sales enterprises of moon cakes, high-end tobacco and alcohol and high-end tonics, but also the reduction of gifts of precious gifts. Corresponding related industries have also been affected. Packaging industry is one of the most directly affected industries

the company mainly makes moon cake packaging and tea packaging, said Zhang Qianhua, the relevant person in charge of Yinhu packaging company, which has always made gift boxes for a brand of moon cakes in Hangzhou. Judging from last year's situation, orders for medium and low-grade packaging below 30 yuan increased instead of decreasing, while high-end gift boxes above 60 yuan decreased significantly. These packages are generally used for moon cakes with a retail price of 500 or 600 yuan and tea gifts with a price of nearly 1000 yuan. The profit of high-end gift box is much higher than that of similar products. Zhang Qianhua predicted that orders for high-end gift boxes would further decline this year, with an overall decline expected to be close to 20%

previously, orders for high-end gift boxes for products such as moon cakes and seafood were mostly received, said the head of a packaging enterprise in Wenzhou. The shape is relatively exquisite and the profit is high, but last year, the business was light, and the order decreased by 30-40%. The company had to take over some local simple packaging businesses such as shoes, toothpaste and cups, and its profits also fell sharply

packaging and even becoming an indispensable equipment industry may usher in the throes of transformation

about 400000 packaging gift boxes are ordered every year, which makes the packaging enterprises more confused. Last year's business depression may only be the beginning. The person in charge of a moon cake enterprise in Hangzhou said. Generally, cantonese moon cakes (high-end gift boxes are generally cantonese moon cakes with green Mobil company in the leading position in China) are about to enter the process of designing and placing orders. According to his estimation, high-end gift boxes will continue to shrink this year, and gift boxes will become more and more popular and people-friendly. This means that the most profitable business of packaging enterprises in previous years will continue to decline this year

may not be fully realized in the end. According to insiders, the current orders that make the packaging industry feel more at a loss. The general style of gift box packaging will be changed every year. If it is not used up in the previous year, moon cake enterprises sometimes ask for returns. These finished products that have been made are completely useless to packaging enterprises and can only be used as waste paper. Generally, this kind of practice is not allowed, but because it involves the next cooperative relationship, some packaging enterprises will be forced to agree and receive part of the packaging at a discount, further reducing the profits of the enterprises

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