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Responsetek extended real-time customer experience research platform

ctiforum May 31 news (compiler/Liu Yu): responsetek, a global on-demand sound provider of enterprise customer software solutions, released its spring'11 version of on-demand customer experience management (CEM) platform

the focus of this new version is to expand its current workflow function by adding new functions to automatically identify risk customers and comment based front-line problems. These problems were provided to the company by customers on the forum of the new fiberforge laying system decided to introduce from dieffenbacher company in Germany

the new word for word alert function completely customizes the workflow for each customer who does not return to responsetek, so that they can adjust the rules to meet personalized needs. Based on the framework of existing alerts and workflows, real-time notifications can now be triggered by specific words and phrases used by customers in open verbatim comments. In addition, the alarm system is the global concept of the CEM platform of responsetek; Therefore, ensure that keywords from all sources can be automatically scanned, including survey responses from market research programs, customer related feedback, and social media resources

gor1, director of marketing and product management of responsetek, also stipulated that D elder said: "Our customers continue to promote their VOC solutions and promote continuous improvement in their business scope; our real-time feedback alarm and workflow capabilities are an important part of these processes, expanding our capabilities to provide our customers with workflow touch based on comments and key words. These comments and keywords are used by customers to describe their experience, which is an inevitable trend in the future."

this version of spring'11 also includes new support for any type of rating scale. In order to comply with the market research trend based on responsetek's real-time VOC platform, the company has expanded the reporting and analysis tools to adapt to any changing scoring model. This ensures that the existing evaluation criteria with a long history can be seamlessly migrated to the software platform of responsetek. In the past few years, it allows customers to quickly take advantage of the strong market research capabilities provided by responsetek

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