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Restraining and curbing white pollution should be implemented in an all-round way. Release date: Source: Shanxi

ubiquitous plastic products facilitate people's lives, but the resulting plastic waste pollutes the ecological environment. It is estimated that by 2050, the world will produce tens of billions of tons of plastic waste. In the face of severe environmental problems, countries have first popularized that its temperature fluctuation should not be greater than 2 ℃/h; What are the safety measures to curb the spread of plastic waste

comments: far treatment of white pollution is also an important part of practicing the concept of green development. First, strengthen source prevention and control. The state should speed up the research, development and application of alternative products, promote the use of non plastic packaging substitutes such as cloth bags and paper bags when selecting products, strictly implement the main body of enterprises, and prevent all kinds of illegal products from entering the market. Secondly, strictly enforce the law and supervise the excellent tensile recovery and elongation. All localities and departments should, in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, implement all-round and full chain market supervision, strictly implement supervision, strengthen the coordination and cooperation of relevant departments, and strengthen the supervision and law enforcement inspection of "plastic ban". Third, strengthen the supervision of consumption links. Widely publicize white pollution prevention and control knowledge, promote white pollution prevention and control publicity into schools, communities, rural areas and enterprises, enhance the public's awareness of white pollution prevention and environmental protection, and create healthy living habits and green consumption atmosphere

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