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In response to the European Union RoHS, the green component material composition information inquiry service came into being

with the EU's environmental protection regulations for electronic products approaching the deadline, many export electronic products enterprises and their component suppliers need to provide customers with component material composition information while providing products. However, suppliers often cannot provide timely and accurate information due to the poor supply chain or lack of professional skills, especially some general electronic components. Due to multi-layer distribution, it is further difficult to obtain the material composition information of components

although more and more suppliers have published the material composition information of some components and products on their websites, most of these information is not directly described according to the component model due to factors such as technical cost. It needs to have some professional knowledge to analyze and sort it out before it can be used by enterprises in the second half of the year, which makes it very difficult for suppliers who do not have relevant majors to obtain these information

American Pacific oak technology company organized relevant professional and technical personnel to analyze and sort out the data of component manufacturers, and created a general component material composition information database (CMCD). So far, the database contains 7.5 million types of Yuanqi cast aluminum alloys filled with molten metal. And it is still increasing. Electronic inquiry, the famous flagship site of lead-free environmental protection in China, is expected to launch this user-oriented green component material composition information inquiry service in February 2006

it is reported that this service is mainly aimed at familiarizing with technical indicators, working performance, use methods and precautions. It is launched for electronic manufacturers or component dealers whose products are exported to the EU, which can greatly save manufacturers/sellers the time and cost of looking for component material information. Technicians will regularly maintain and refresh the database to keep its content up-to-date, which is a beneficial assistant to deal with the environmental protection requirements of the EU

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