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Shenzhen will produce diamond film packaging materials

LeiDi Technology Group's "Guoke 863 new material industrialization base for directly reading hardness values on the instigation table" laid the foundation in Shenzhen recently. The project has an investment of nearly 200million yuan and covers an area of about 100 mu. The project will be constructed in three phases

after the completion of this project, it will become the largest diamond film material research and production base in Asia. The base will have a 20000 square meter scientific research building with 863 new material research and development center, aerospace material research and development center, post doctoral workstation, etc. After the first phase of the project is put into operation at the beginning of next year, it can also produce three new products: diamond film PET bottles, diamond film high-energy and high-density capacitors, and diamond film hydrophobic glass, with an annual output value of 1billion yuan

it is reported that diamond film packaging materials have great potential in the field of packaging. At present, the use of diamond film PET beer bottles can significantly improve the heat resistance and gas barrier of pet, so that the fresh-keeping period can be extended to more than 6 months

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