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On November 5-9, 2013, the 15th China International Industrial Expo was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Shenzhen Yiwei Automation Technology Co., Ltd. made a centralized debut with its new products, including the heavyweight CPU314, un120 series and CP341

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Yiwei booth was crowded

among which CPU314 was a heavyweight new product of Yiwei for the first time. At present, there are few brands in the global medium-sized PLC market, and domestic medium-sized PLC brands are even more difficult to find. Based on this background, Yiwei plays a variety of roles in driving, straightening, stabilizing tension and so on for 300 CPU; The roller type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type) has invested a lot of research and development energy, and its first 300 CPU 314 has been launched in advance

according to pengmengfei, sales director of Shenzhen Yiwei Automation Technology Co., Ltd., CPU314 has many advantages that similar products do not have, such as: built-in 1m storage space, no need to buy MMC card, which can achieve confidentiality and save costs; The standard Mini USB port is equipped as standard. You can program and debug with an ordinary Mini USB data cable. You don't need to buy an adapter, which is both economical and convenient; The processing speed is twice that of similar products; Support 1024 point digital input and 1024 point digital output; 256 analog inputs and 256 analog outputs; There is no need to use a lever, that is, the loading system is composed of a lever system, which changes the usage habits of engineers, and the operation is simple

the CPU 314

un120 series, a heavyweight new product of Yiwei, is an economic PLC recently launched by Yiwei. Some electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machines are equipped with a very high ratio of accumulators. They are mainly aimed at the OEM industry and can provide customized services according to the actual needs of customers. It includes 4 CPUs, 7 digital quantity modules, 5 analog quantity modules, and 2 Temperature modules. The accessories are common to un200

cpu124, the core product of this series, has 24 points, which can be expanded by 3 modules. The number of points supported is half of un200. 64 point digital input, 64 point digital output, 16 channel analog input, 16 channel analog output. With two communication interfaces, both support PPI Protocol

CP341 is a very cost-effective module recently launched by Yiwei. This module can exchange point-to-point data with various products that support Modbus communication and rs485/422 free port communication, such as Modbus communication with PLC, instruments, drivers, frequency converters, pressure transmitters, HMI, DCS of Schneider Electric, Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric and other brands, It can also communicate with products using RS485 free port and self-developed products. Different from similar products, Yiwei CP341 does not need to add expensive hardware dogs, and uses DB9 serial communication interface, without self welding wires or external 24V power supply, which is cheap and convenient

pengmengfei, sales director of Shenzhen Yiwei Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

in addition, in order to make the product exhibition more comprehensive, Yiwei also designed a unique communication topology of unimat PLC products at the exhibition site, which attracted many visitors to stop and understand. The topology diagram is mainly divided into three parts: MPI communication and Modbus communication between Yiwei 300 CPUs; Modbus communication and PROFIBUS DP communication between Yiwei 300 CPU and 200 CPU; Modbus TCP communication between Schneider Electric CPU and Yiwei module

it is understood that at present, Yiwei PLC products are widely used in many industries, such as HVAC, metallurgy, water treatment, textile machinery, etc. The brand slogan of Yiwei focusing on core control and the service commitment of five-year warranty demonstrate Yiwei's professionalism and absolute confidence in its products. The crowded booth of Yiwei undoubtedly reflects the customers' attention and trust in Yiwei from one side

president Peng finally said that in the future, Yiwei will continue to focus on the corporate philosophy of core control, adhere to the five-year warranty, launch more and better products and services, and create greater value for customers

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