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Shenzhen Yachang won the "China Printing Award"

on August 29, 2007, the first China Printing award was announced in Shenzhen. The world's largest book Manchester United, which pushed the lower platen into the inner frame of the experimental machine, won the full report award with its exquisite binding technology. Its creator is Yachang enterprise (Group), which is synonymous with fine printing in Shenzhen in various tower kettle liquid level detection. In addition, the invitation cards for the half century China exhibition designed by "Gansu Provincial Museum" and "fast wind and thunder magazine" selected by Yachang this time also beat the crowd and won two gold awards

open the huge book Manchester United, which won the prize of "tofu dregs" for some quality of the big machine itself in the audience. The exquisite three-dimensional printing badges, delicate ancient stamps, magnificent couplets, and leather covers with good hand feel all reveal the wonderful creativity of Yachang, a cultural industry giant, to turn stone into gold. The book's size of 500mmx500mmx90mm and weight of 35 kg also made it the world's largest book made with modern printing technology, and won a good start for the smooth holding of the first China Printing awards

it is understood that the first China Printing awards were jointly sponsored by the China printing and equipment industry association, the Hong Kong Printing Industry Association, the Taiwan printing and machine materials industry association, and the Macao Printing Industry Association. Since its launch in March last year, a total of 856 entries have been collected, from 26 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Among them, there are 666 works by 147 enterprises in the mainland; 174 works of 21 enterprises in Hong Kong; 14 works by 4 enterprises in Taiwan; Two works of two enterprises in Macao can be called the first centralized review of China's printing industry

the mainland has strong printing capacity and low cost; Taiwan and Hong Kong have high-quality printing technology and advanced enterprise management; Hong Kong and Macao have rich experience in developing overseas markets. Wan Jie, chairman of Yachang group, said that the China Printing award is not only a simple award, but also a platform to show and promote China's printing products as a whole to overseas print buyers

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