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Shenzhen Yujie uses Meite CRM system to eliminate management weaknesses

recently, Beijing Meite software signed a contract with Shenzhen Yujie Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to use Meite CRM system to explore and firmly grasp the customers that can bring the greatest value to the enterprise, and finally achieve the long-term development and profit goals of the enterprise

Shenzhen Yujie Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was engaged in the enterprise training industry in 2005. Relying on global enterprise training, Chinese enterprise training and other related knowledge and well-known platforms on how to identify different configurations of hydraulic universal testing machines and protection and maintenance shared by technicians in the industry, it provides enterprise training and internal training services for many domestic enterprises, It is one of the most professional enterprise management consulting institutions in South China. Shenzhen Yujie focuses on enterprise training and is committed to providing the most distinctive enterprise training services for Chinese enterprises. At present, the courses cover many fields, such as enterprise strategic management, human resource management, marketing, production and operation management, financial and tax management, and provide good help for enterprises to press the shortcut key to improve the quality of employees, and (4) clamp the experimental equipment on the experimental machine to build brand strategy

a very important purpose of the management consulting industry is to provide customers with professional and considerate services and create a unified external image of the enterprise, so as to enhance customer satisfaction and brand cohesion. In the process of development and maintenance, enterprises are not restricted by a natural person, but rely on a whole. The CRM functions needed by consulting companies are more focused on the functional requirements of customer management and service management, better grasp the characteristics and needs of customers, establish a centralized customer management data platform, and build a CRM system suitable for the current situation and business characteristics of the company

the establishment of Meite CRM system improves customer information management and provides personalized customer service to help enterprises maintain customers. At the same time, it integrates the internal operation, finance, knowledge, marketing, business development and other relevant departments of the company. All departments take customers as the center to carry out work and provide services, so as to establish a set of centralized management platform of customer-centered resources and information. Meite CRM system is a CRM system that not only embodies the management characteristics of consulting service industry, but also integrates the personalized management mode of enterprises

the launch of Meite CRM accelerates the internal communication speed of Yujie, improves the communication quality, constantly improves the business processes related to customer relations in the company, more efficiently meets the needs of customers, maximizes customer satisfaction and loyalty, retains existing customers, and develops new customers

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