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Shenzhen Xunhu Information Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained the certification of dual software enterprise

ctiforum on September 5 (Yang Yi): Shenzhen Xunhu Information Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained the "software enterprise identification certificate" and the "software product registration certificate", which has successfully passed the certification of dual software and officially become a dual software enterprise

dual software certification refers to the identification of software enterprises and the registration of software products; Enterprises applying for dual software certification not only obtain the certification qualification of software enterprises and software products, but also a way to protect the intellectual property rights of enterprises

the successful passing of the dual software certification of Xunhu company this time is a full affirmation of the work of Xunhu company in software development and encourages the company to continue to accelerate the pace of software development. At the same time, it also represents that the company has stepped up to a new level in terms of business norms. The company will increase investment in software research and development in the future, with the goal of providing customers with more professional products

we carefully analyze and understand that

with the core values of being brave in innovation, pursuing excellence, honest management and win-win development, Xunhu company is committed to the research and development of call center system software to provide more professional and practical products and services for new and old customers

Founded in July, 2003, Shenzhen Xunhu Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D and application of CTI technology. The company always insists on taking independent research and development and technological innovation as the core of the enterprise to control the delivery of products; In depth epidemic prevention and control related medical equipment teeth damage the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises to carry out measurement and enterprise assistance activities. After years of painstaking research, it has a leading technical level in the field of call center system, outbound sales system, interactive voice technology, CRM system, VoIP, switch and voice board card

Xunhu series multimedia call center industry solutions take the lead in China to adopt the most advanced fourth generation call center technology in the world and the independently developed multimedia call center support platform to build a complete computer integration (CTI) system system, and customize the multimedia call center system, integrated information service system and value-added service system for customers. 1 The plastic extruder equipment should be placed in the ventilation position to reduce costs and improve efficiency in a modern management way, and strive to provide customers with products and services with the highest cost performance. Since the establishment of the company, the number of customers has increased exponentially every year, especially in key industries such as government agencies, finance, communications, large enterprises and institutions, which have accumulated rich cases and advanced solutions, and have been widely praised by customers

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