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Shenzhen University Town, can you be faster

smart city Shenzhen found that smart education is rapidly piloting

on September 10, the second live broadcast of "smart city Shenzhen discovery", jointly launched by Shenzhen Special Economic Zone newspaper and Huawei, met the audience as scheduled

in this program, the program team walked into the smart Park of Shenzhen University Town to reveal the transformation and innovation brought by information technology to the campus

smart campus, wait for you to see

Centennial plan, education oriented. It is understood that Shenzhen University Town is the only college group approved by the Ministry of education and jointly established by local governments and well-known Chinese universities. In the construction of the new generation of wireless local area network, Shenzhen University Town and Huawei have successfully created the first Wi Fi 6 standard wireless campus case in China, setting a benchmark for the National Smart University Park

from the auditorium for thousands of people to the science and Technology Library, and then to the brain data center machine room of the whole park, in the University Town Park, the column group showed the ultimate experience brought by Wi-Fi 6, an intelligent AI network

in the 1000 person auditorium of Shenzhen University Town Conference Center, Sun Tao, director of Shenzhen University Town Management Office Network Center, introduced in detail the technical characteristics and speed advantages of Wi Fi 6 campus network

according to the introduction, in the technical application of the previous generation of Wi Fi 5, the terminal speed measurement rate on campus is about 100Mbps, and the network delay is about 100ms; On the spot that day, the download speed of Wi Fi 6 measured by the engineer was 309.2mbps, the upload speed was 293.5mbps, and the network delay was only 24ms

Sun Tao said:

in addition to the speed increase, Wi Fi 6 has also solved the problem of system traffic bottleneck in the past. When the audience in the auditorium with a thousand people is full, the user's experience of using the network is still very smooth, which has greatly improved the previous problems of multiple people, such as network jams and delays, and the coverage of the signal has also been expanded by 20% than before

based on the current business scenario, Huawei engineer Gao Feng showed and revealed the terminal technology of Wi Fi 6

at present, the AP of Huawei's flagship Wi Fi 6 has a total of 8 antennas and 16 spatial streams, and the air port rate has reached 10.75g, which can meet the development needs of the school's future AR, VR, IOT and even 8K video conference. In the case of constant volume and increased energy, we really achieve small body and great wisdom

after learning about the auditorium for thousands of people, the column group came to the Shenzhen University Town Library with a strong sense of the future. Zhou Ke, director of the user service department, introduced the use of Wi Fi 6 in the library scene

Zhou Ke told that as the library with the most abundant electronic resources in Shenzhen, readers coming here usually carry two electronic devices. Therefore, the speed of Wi Fi will directly affect the reader's learning experience, which puts forward higher requirements for the Wi Fi environment in the library if the oil hole of the buffer is blocked

unlike the single wave transmission of wi-fi6 in the auditorium for thousands of people, the wi-fi6 in the library of Shenzhen University Town has turned on dual wave transmission, and the signal has a wider coverage and more stable signal than that in the auditorium for thousands of people

in the Chinese reading area on the second floor of the library, there are 700000 Chinese books in circulation, and the spot check workload is huge. In this context, the library has introduced an intelligent spot check robot based on Wi Fi 6. By collecting the location information of each book on the bookshelf in real time and synchronizing it with the background system data, it ensures that readers can accurately find the location of the target books, and also helps staff return the misplaced books in time

Zhou Ke said:

after the introduction of robots, you can complete the spot check of 700000 books in one month by taking up only the time after work every day, which is impossible in the era of manual spot check

at the last stop of the smart park visit, the column team came to the core data center machine room of the whole smart campus

Sun Tao introduced:

before this, the whole room was full of cabinets and equipment, and the space of the computer room was narrow and disorderly. Now, after the intensive upgrading of equipment, the area of cabinets and equipment in the computer room is only half of that before

at present, the space occupied by the equipment is not only reduced, but also the management efficiency is greatly improved. At the same time, sufficient physical space is reserved for the construction of future information systems, which is another embodiment of the intelligent upgrading of university parks

at present, through the empowerment of smart campus through Huawei Wi Fi 6 and other technologies, Shenzhen University Town has achieved significant digital improvement: the proportion of interaction between teachers and students in the classroom has increased by 40%, the simulation of scientific research simulation hopes to be helpful to everyone, the efficiency has increased by 30%, the operation and maintenance manpower has decreased by 60%, and the vanadium product output of Pangang Group accounts for more than 50% of the country under energy consumption, down by 30%

there are five programs in the "smart city Shenzhen discovery" program jointly launched by Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Huawei. In the next program, the program team will enter Shenzhen Mawan smart port on September 16 to witness the new port of digital automation and intelligence in Shenzhen

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