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Shenzhen printing association held the Fifth Third Member Congress on November 20, Shenzhen printing association held the Fifth Third Member Congress. The guests included officials of Shenzhen Publishing Bureau, officials of the trade and Development Bureau, Wang Demao, President of Shenzhen printing association, Zhang Xiangyu, Secretary General of Guangdong Printing Association, and provincial friendship. It is enough for the representative of the Hong Kong Society of graphic arts to achieve 1% accuracy in public relations. The new production line has more advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection. Director Lin he'an and executive member Li Yucai also went to congratulate

this conference coincides with the launch of the first Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Expo in the exhibition hall of Shenzhen China International High Tech Fair for technological energy achievements that can also gather the solar photovoltaic industry. The exhibition has eight venues, displaying advanced technologies and fine collections in various fields such as digital television, print media, fine books and periodicals, fine print, historical heritage, arts and crafts, comics and so on. Among them, the first "Shenzhen International Printing Exhibition" organized by Shenzhen printing association is one of them. The exhibition comprehensively displayed about 200 Classic exhibits reflecting the development history of Chinese printing in the China Printing Museum and the calligraphy and paintings of the Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties (copies of Japanese technology) collected in the Palace Museum of Taiwan, especially more than one hydraulic forming machine operating outdoors, with a very despicable equipment environment; Chinese wood watermark live performance, various printing products and high-tech printing equipment

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