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Shenzhen Sany Yundu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park released! Create the "third pole" of global intelligent manufacturing

Shenzhen Sany Yundu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park release! Build the "third pole" of global intelligent manufacturing

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on November 22, the "2019 Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay intelligent manufacturing academician forum" hosted by Longhua District People's government and sany group was held in Shenzhen. During this period, the Sany Yundu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project was officially released, which, together with Sany Beijing operation center and Changsha intelligent manufacturing center, will form the core support for Sany group to lead the development of intelligent manufacturing industry

more than 400 elites from all walks of life gathered together to discuss the construction of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent construction ecosystem, and offer suggestions for Longhua intelligent manufacturing. Previously, they have successfully completed the crowdfunding activity of developing environmental protection materials on KickStarter

Du Ling, Secretary of Longhua District Party committee of Shenzhen, Tan Gang, vice president of the Party School of Shenzhen Municipal Party committee, Tang Xiuguo, President of Sany group, Yi Xiaogang, executive president, and Zhong Weihua, vice president, attended the event

create a new global intelligent manufacturing innovation center at 9:18 a.m., the Sany Yundu intelligent manufacturing ecological industrial park project in Longhua District was officially launched, becoming the biggest highlight of the day

it is reported that Sany Yundu intelligent manufacturing Ecological Industrial Park, with a total construction area of 650000 square meters, is an important strategic fulcrum for Sany to implement the internationalization and digitalization strategy

the park will open and share Sany's global industrial resources, innovation platforms and international business networks, and will become a new global intelligent manufacturing innovation center of Sany group

Secretary Du Ling pointed out that artificial intelligence is one of the four pillar industries of Longhua. At present, Longhua's advanced manufacturing output value accounts for more than 80%, and it has leading enterprises in intelligent manufacturing such as Sany technology, which has laid a solid foundation for the future development of intelligent manufacturing

President Tang Xiuguo said that Sany group is willing to open up "space resources, processing resources, supply chain resources" and other technology and globalization resources, strengthen the dynamic analysis source of high-risk products and high-risk market notifications, and create a new ecosystem in cloud metropolis to help enterprises grow

At the press conference, Sany Technology Co., Ltd. also held a cooperation signing ceremony with 16 enterprises such as Jinhang deep sea mining and Lijian defense

Tang Xiuguo said in an interview that more than ten years ago, Sany group came to Shenzhen for development. With the advent of the era of intelligent manufacturing, Shenzhen's scientific and technological innovation advantages are becoming more and more obvious. Sany will take Shenzhen as the science and technology research and development center, together with Sany Beijing operation center and Changsha intelligent manufacturing center, form the core support for Sany group to lead the development of intelligent manufacturing industry

academicians and experts talk about "intelligent manufacturing"

: the forum session is also wonderful. Tan Jianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Nie Jianguo and other academician experts attended the event

they said that the key to intelligent manufacturing is intelligent knowledge, and Shenzhen will provide innovative impetus for intelligent manufacturing in China

in his speech, President Tan Gang said that Shenzhen should take the leading demonstration zone as the guide, constantly strengthen its core engine role in Dawan District, and build a modern economic system that reflects the requirements of high-quality development

President Yi Xiaogang believes that China's manufacturing industry is facing challenges such as the sharp rise in labor costs, the transfer of labor-intensive industries to Southeast Asia, and the return of high-end manufacturing to developed countries

in this regard, he focused on sharing the experience of Sany intelligent manufacturing transformation, and pointed out that the way out for the manufacturing industry is the transformation of informatization and the transformation of intelligent manufacturing, which has become a widely recognized safe material

academician Tan Jianrong delivered a keynote speech on "intelligent manufacturing and digital Twins - key technologies and development trends"

he said that despite the significant development of China's manufacturing industry, the problem of insufficient innovation capacity of the manufacturing industry has become increasingly prominent, and there is an urgent need to solve these problems with intelligent manufacturing

the key point of intelligent manufacturing is intelligent knowledge. We should start from knowledge engineering and put intelligent design in the first place to promote the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

academician Nie Jianguo shared "the enlightenment and innovation of the practice of prefabricated structures"

he believes that the future of building industrialization is the combination of "performance-based design, automatic production, industrial construction and intelligent management". Innovation is the foundation of sustainable development of building industrialization, and the goal is more applicable, more economical, greener and more beautiful

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