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Shenzhen patterned aluminum aircraft cases customized

aluminum alloy manufacturers are used in various industries: 1. Light Industry: most of aluminum is used in daily hardware, household appliances, daily glass and daily chemicals. 2. Electrical industry: almost all high-voltage transmission lines in China are steel cored aluminum stranded wires, other transformer coils, aluminum box induction motor rotors, buses, etc. It is also a multifunctional transformer aluminum strip, as well as aluminum power cable, aluminum wiring, aluminum electromagnetic wire, etc. 3. Machinery manufacturing: aluminum alloy is mainly used in the machinery manufacturing industry of aluminum alloy box manufacturers

when purchasing aluminum alloy aviation boxes, they are mainly compared from wood, aluminum, shockproof materials, hardware accessories, wheels, base plate, nail pulling distance, pressing plate process, etc. Generally, the board thickness of high-quality aviation box is 12mm, with good strength and strong impact resistance. Most aviation boxes are made of aluminum, which can produce alumina film on its own surface. 6 With advanced control technology, the fully oxidized air box is better. The shockproof material is eva cotton, the strength of hardware accessories is good, and the wheel is 3.5 or 4 inches, so the load capacity of the aviation box is better. It is better to use white emulsion between the panel and the board of the aviation box

aluminum boxes with high quality only look light and thin in appearance. In fact, its strength and thickness are far more than those of ordinary steel chassis. More importantly, the heat dissipation effect of aluminum box is better than that of steel box

large aluminum boxes like hard ones are the first choice for aluminum boxes you carry when you travel. For example, aviation boxes, aviation transportation boxes and trolley boxes, which can measure the length of springs, belong to this category of boxes

specifically, luggage customization includes these aspects: 1. Scheme selection our professional designers will give * professional suggestions and schemes according to your requirements, and then preliminarily determine your customization requirements by explaining the demonstration diagram, and then formulate * suitable products and * solutions for you. 2 Design & quotation on the basis of investigation and measurement, combined with your needs, the company will arrange professional designers to make a satisfactory effect drawing according to your requirements, and mark out the details such as the shape, material, area and configuration of customized bags, and then make a quotation for the ordered products (the effect drawing is for you to clearly know the effect of your customized bags)

development space of aluminum alloy box: judging from its current market situation, there is still a lot of room for its development. For the current market demand, the development and production of aluminum alloy cases cannot be fully met. Although there are many types of cases, including aluminum cases, aluminum alloy cases, aluminum alloy trolley cases, aluminum alloy aviation cases and aluminum alloy packaging cases, the needs of some industries have not been met. With the progress of technology, the development of the industry is also facing new challenges and opportunities. If we can maintain the current situation and continue to develop, we will occupy greater development space in the future market and make new achievements

the place where the aluminum box is placed should be ventilated. The oxide on the surface of the aluminum box will gradually fall off with the increase of use times, and it needs regular maintenance

treatment method of gold accessories: 1. Hot dip galvanizing: it is completed by immersing hardware accessories in the plating bath of molten zinc with a temperature of about 510 ℃. 1、 The frame of the aluminum alloy box has grown into a rising star in the new material industry in the city. The new aluminum alloy profile with oxidation resistant treatment is adopted, and the circular frame increases the overall beauty of the aluminum alloy box; A handle is added on the side and front of the aluminum alloy trolley case, so that users can do whatever they want; The application of the pull rod and wheel on the aluminum alloy box facilitates the user to move the box; Four extra large ABS seats are specially added at the bottom of the aluminum alloy box, which can play a waterproof role and prevent the bottom of the aluminum alloy box and the pull rod from rubbing against the ground

choose easy to carry aluminum boxes. First, start with the purpose of use, choose the size according to the purpose, and then choose push-pull rod or aviation packaging box, etc. Large aluminum boxes can be divided into hard boxes and soft boxes according to their different materials

aluminum alloy aviation box manufacturers have a strong storage function. Compared with other boxes, they have the advantage of pull rods, and can meet the weight when loading and unloading items. In terms of safety, they have an internal lock design, which can play the role of anti-theft. The surface is smooth. Even if some industrial parts are placed, they can play a certain role in safety. The air box is made of aluminum and aluminum alloy. In addition, it also contains various hardware accessories. These hardware accessories also have a great impact on the overall performance of the box, and the quality of these hardware accessories can be greatly related to the treatment methods they adopt. Then what are the treatment methods of hardware accessories? The following aviation box manufacturers will explain the relevant knowledge in detail for you

hardware fitting treatment is the process of forming a coating on its surface through certain methods. Its function is to make the fitting anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, beautiful surface and protect it. There are often the following methods to deal with hardware accessories: first, hot-dip galvanizing: it is completed by immersing the hardware accessories in the plating bath of molten zinc with a temperature of about 510 ℃. The result is that a passive zinc coating will gradually form on its surface; 2、 Mechanical plating: it refers to punching the surface of products as alligator value transmission through the particles of coated metal, and cold welding the coating to the surface of hardware standard parts. III. electroplating: immerse the hardware fittings to be electroplated in an aqueous solution containing the deposited metal compound, and pass the current through the plating solution to precipitate and deposit the electroplated metal on the parts. 4、 Whether gold accessories have been treated above or not, there are great differences in the quality and performance of more than five accessories, and the quality of hardware accessories will further affect the quality of aviation boxes

the internal and external structure and materials of the aviation box of the aluminum alloy manufacturer determine that the advantages of the aviation box, such as fire prevention, waterproof, impact resistance, mobility and convenience, are fully displayed, and the diversity of the color of the fireproof board is more visually beautiful

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