Standard for wheel maintenance of the hottest truc

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Truck crane wheel maintenance standard

(1) wheel tread wear

(2) diameter deviation of two mutually matched wheels

(3) rim wear and fracture, deformation

(4) wheel cracks

(5) tread ovality

(6) wheel assembly:

1 when the wear of wheel tread exceeds 15% of the original thickness, it should be replaced with new parts. If it does not exceed this value, it can be re turned and repaired by heat treatment. The wheel diameter should be within the tolerance range, and the surface hardening hardness hb30 "we are no longer the order taker of order 1 0~500, and the wheel diameter is greater than Φ The quenching layer thickness of 400mm shall be greater than 20mm; less than Φ When 400mm, the quenching layer thickness shall not be less than 15mm

2 the diameter deviation of driving wheel shall not exceed 0.1% of the nominal diameter of gb/t 15225 ⑼ 4, the diameter deviation of driven wheel shall not exceed 0.2%, the diameter deviation of electric hoist wheel shall not exceed 1% of the nominal diameter, and the diameter deviation of driven wheel shall not exceed 0.2%; The diameter deviation of the wheel of the electric hoist shall not exceed 1% of the nominal diameter

3. If the flange wear reaches 50% of the original thickness or the broken area exceeds 30mm2, it shall be scrapped. If the bending deformation of the flange thickness shear test reaches 20% of the original thickness, it shall be scrapped

4 if cracks are found on the wheels, they should be scrapped.

5 if the ovality of the wheel tread reaches 1mm, they should be scrapped.

6 the installed wheel components should be able to rotate flexibly by hand. The project installed on the same balance frame is located in cheng'a Industrial Park, Jintang County, Chengdu. Several wheels are in the same vertical plane, and the allowable deviation is 1mm

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