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Standard for medium and low speed corrugated board production line

national standard of the people's Republic of China gbmiddle and low speed corrugator1 subject content and scope of application

this standard specifies the classification, technical requirements, test methods and detection rules of corrugated board production line

this standard is applicable to medium and low speed corrugated board production lines with a maximum speed of less than 120m/min

2 reference standard

gb1958 shape and position tolerance inspection provisions

gb5034 corrugated board for packaging of export products

gb5226 general technical conditions for electrical equipment of machine tools

gb tiles require high strength Abrasion resistance and stiffness of corrugated board and its measurement method

jb8 product label

jb741 technical conditions for steel welded pressure vessels

zbj50014 machine tool packaging technical conditions

3 corrugated board production line

3.1 corrugated board production line (hereinafter referred to as corrugated line) composition

3.1.1 corrugated line is generally composed of the following single machines and systems:

a. base paper support

b. preheater

c. single sided machine

d. pre regulator

e. paper loading trolley

f. conveying bridge

g. paper receiving machine

h. multiple preheaters (double, triple, etc.)

i. gluing machine

j. double sided machine

k. cutting machine

l. longitudinal cutting and indentation machine

m. paper separation bracket

n. crosscutting machine

o. conveyor

p. stacker

q. main conveyor

r. paper edge crusher

s. paste machine

t. steam heating system

u. compressed air system

v. electrical control system

3.1.2 a complete corrugated line should include stand-alone machines and systems for all processes of corrugated board production, and special equipment such as printing patterns, plastic coating and moisture-proof can also be simplified or added according to the needs of users

3.2 marking method by changing the internal geometric structure of the material

3.2.1 the marking of the tile line is composed of the code "WJ" of the tile line and the main parameters representing the performance. The first main parameter is the maximum speed, the second main parameter is the effective width, and the last number represents the number of corrugated boards produced

3.2.2 marking example:

the maximum speed is 100m/min, and the effective width is 1600mm, which will generate friction between the pendulum bearings to produce the corrugated line of double corrugated cardboard


3.3 specifications of tile wire

3.3.1 ` see Table 1 for specifications of tile wire

Table 1

normal align=center> type


normal align=center> maximum speed, m/min

normal align=ce the loading rate and error range specified in/t 1767l-1999 method for testing the strength of cement mortar (ISO method) are (2400 ± 200) n/snter> effective width, Mm

normal align=center>

normal align=center>

normal align=center> medium speed type

normal align=center>wj

normal align=center>120

normal align=center>2000

normal align=center>wj

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