Standard for yb61 hard strip packaging machine of

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Tobacco machinery yb61 hard strip packaging machine standard

normal align=center> tobacco industry standard of the people's Republic of China

normal align=center> tobacco machinery

normal align=center>yb61 hard strip packaging machine

normal align=center>tobacco machinery -

normal align=center>model yb61 carton packaging machine

p>1 range

this standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods Inspection, marking, packaging, transportation and storage, etc

after thinking about it, you will find that it has driven the development of the auto parts industry. This standard is applicable to yb61 hard strip packaging machine (hereinafter referred to as the whole machine)

2 reference standard

the provisions contained in the following standards constitute provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. When this standard is published, the editions shown are valid. All standards will be revised. All parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest versions of the following standards

gb 2894-1988 safety signs

gb/t 5606.2-1996 cigarette packaging Marking and storage and transportation

gb/t 13306-1991 label

yc/t 1-1994 tobacco machinery product type Compilation Rules

yc/t 10.10-1993 tobacco machinery general technical article jointly developed a composite door module painting

yc/t 10.11-1993 tobacco data line shielding treatment general technical conditions for grass machinery assembly

yc/t 10.12-1993 tobacco machinery general technical conditions packaging

yc t 10.14-1993 tobacco machinery general technical conditions packaging

yc/t 10.16-1996 general technical conditions for tobacco machinery electrical assembly

yc/t 11.2-1993 basic requirements for drawings and design documents of tobacco machinery products

yc/t 15-1994 naming method for tobacco machinery products

3 classification and naming

classification and naming shall be carried out according to yc/t 1 and yc/t 15

3.1 model

normal> the model is as follows:

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3.2 basic parameters

the basic parameters of the whole machine are as follows:


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